Surf Spots

Surf Spots

The Coastal Stretch that makes out Jbay consists of mostly reef point breaks that shapes one of the longest waves on this planet. J-Bay has 6 major spots ranging from beginner to advanced level, whether you are on a long or performance board, or even if you just started learning, there is a wave to be ridden everyday. You will find these breaks to be uncrowded on most days, usually on a beautiful paddle out into the sunrise,. It can get a little bit crowded, yet surf-able, over the weekends, especially when major swells comes rolling in, but again there will always be waves to catch with our consistent swells we are blessed with, all of them just a walk away from African Ubuntu.

We do offer surfboards and wetsuits on rent as water temperatures do dip just below the 20ºC mark. During winter your 4/3 suits are more than enough but you can get away with a 3/2. For less experienced surfers booties is a good consideration and can be found cheap in many of our factory stores in town. The line-up is very friendly and usually helpful, but please make sure you adhere to the surf etiquette and respect the local point break system.

If all of this is new to you make sure to book a surf lesson with us, you are in the best place in the world to learn!!

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Kitchen Windows

Situated on Main Beach, Kitchens is a mellow reef break that is an underrated wave. A light SW wind is best on a mid tide.  As soon as the wind picks up, the spray starts feeling like buck shot. Kitchens is the home break for kids from Pellsrus, a poor community on the edge of J’Bay. Surfing is giving these kids an opportunity in life.


Seen from the balcony’s at the backpacker, Magna’s is a great little right point a stones throw from Boneyards. A quick takeoff over a shallow rock shelf shoots you into a barrel section or a perfect wall for a carve. Shallow fast wave that can PUMP on its day.


Also seen from African Ubuntu’s balcony’s,Boneyards also known as the Yard in Jeffreys Bay is right at the top of the whole point.Heavy, deep at the take off and shallow as it hits the shelf is what you will have to deal with if you want to tackle this beast of a wave.Loves to eat your boards and unwanted trips to the reef are not uncommon.


This is the best wave in town. Also the busiest and the most localized. Sometimes linking up with Boneyards and running through Tubes and past Point this wave is something to see as it runs the 1.5KM down the point. Very shallow, hollow and a difficult entry and exit makes this a wave for the experienced surfer.Remember as this is one of the more localized waves in town manners and good etiquette go a long way to having a great surf.


Not as heavy as Supers but steeper than Point makes this a good intermediate to pro level wave.On the right tide and conditions you will have to handle a steep take off and pull into a barrel that will run down the shelf towards the Point.


Point was the wave that people traveled to J-Bay for for many years back in the 60’s and early 70’s. A wave for all surfers. Easy take offs, long walls, the odd barrel section and easy to get in and out of the water. A great place to get use to the vibe in town.


One of the uncrowded breaks in J’Bay. Slightly out of town, the wave works best on a NW wind and a low tide.Can get epic but usually better somewhere else. It needs the right combination of wind, tide and swell direction to get it good.


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