Crime and Security

Crime and Security

South Africa, like many countries has its share of crime. We would advise you to take a few basic precautions. All valuables, passports, cameras, should be locked in a safe place, either the safe of your hotel or at the least locked in your bag if unattended. Valuables should be carried discreetly when walking in cities, as thieves can spot tourists from a mile away.

The international media paints a very grim picture of South African crime, but for the vast majority of travelers we have met, they have had no problems, and compared to the situation in South Africa to that of many other countries worldwide…overstated. This not to suggest crime is not a problem here, but rather that if one is aware and alert then trouble will not easily find you.

Unfortunately most crime in South Africa occurs in the township settlements where depending on you location, can have millions living in extreme poverty, and unless on a guided tour we do not recommend visitors visit these places without first consulting other local people as to their opinion.

Jeffreys Bay is a small and usually quiet holiday town with a very good security record.

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