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Info about the town history, the World Open for Surfing (WSL), activities the town has on offer and all the other details you might need.


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A breakdown of all your info and tips you will need when traveling to South Africa. From Visas to flights and land travel, we here at African Ubuntu have got you covered.


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Daryn Sinclair

Founder and Owner of African Ubuntu, Daryn puts as much love into the comfort and stay of his guests as he does into the ocean and his 2 amazing...
Daryn Sinclair


We always support volunteering programmes as part of our philosophy so if you ever feel the need to trade some of your time for free accommodation...

African Ubuntu is situated in the heart of South African surf-country, Jeffrey’s Bay, and caters to fun-loving people looking for an epic yet affordable base. Its a mere 100m to the beach & magical Supertubes, and there are great wave-views from around the house. Whether your dream be flying down the line in perrrfect surf at the point, watching lions on a game drive, or simply collecting seashells on our dolphin-rich coast, we aim to turn your dreams into treasured memories.


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